WingTsun and Women

“Self-defense has to be effective, natural and direct!”
There are no competitions in WingTsun; It is a Chinese martial art that is specifically aimed at women and those who do not have the advantage of physical strength. With WingTsun, you don’t learn to be rigid, but to give in an intelligent way before you direct the attacker’s power back to him without detours. So the weak also has a chance, because the opponent’s strength is “borrowed” and, in addition to its own strength, is used efficiently as a counterattack. This property, which gives WingTsun the characteristic of being especially suitable for women, is derived from the history of this system: the first two masters were women!

The woman Yim Wing Tsun gave her name to this martial art, the techniques of which are absolutely practical and created for realistic combat. Furthermore, the WT lacks any show effect, the techniques learned make it possible to be used at any time and universally without the need for physical superiority. Effectiveness and explosiveness are the requirements that realistic women’s self-defense has to meet today, since the number of attacks on women is increasing steadily and the type of assault is becoming increasingly ruthless


Self-defense starts earlier than you think: with your behavior and attitude in everyday life!
Learn to avoid the so-called “victim” profile by acting confidently. Use your own intuition as an “early warning system”.
The aim is to convey self-confidence and security, to draw their boundaries in such a way that no one dares to cross them.

Compare it to a state / country – the neighboring states around you. You are open to trade and culture, and yet you control the borders of your state to create order.
The situation is relaxed, no danger.

Frauen und Abwehr

Guard your limits:

A strange man speaks to you, you have a “lukewarm feeling in the stomach”, something is wrong – your intuition answers!
You become more attentive and guard your limits.
Here you learn to keep the “stranger” at a distance with an inconspicuous fighting position, to de-escalate the situation.

Compare it with the state / country – a neighboring country will become hostile to you, arm you and form its troops – you know that yours wants to violate your borders and prepare for it, show no weakness yourself, but also not your greatest and most dangerous weapon.

Frauen und Selbstverteidigung

Defend your limits:

Talking everything did not work, the “stranger” sees you as “fair game”.
However, they have long assumed the inconspicuous combat position and are prepared for an attack.
Learn how to defend yourself with effective WingTsun techniques, but also how to strike directly and not show due consideration!

Your neighboring country is attacking you – you are ensuring an uncompromising defense that the attacking country did not expect.

Simple and uncomplicated, but very direct and uncompromising techniques ensure the final victory!

Frauen und Bodenkampf

Defend yourself!

Even if it goes “to the ground”!

WingTsun is also suitable for “ground combat”!