WingTsun for Children

WingTsun is an effective and straightforward form of self-defense for which it does not require any special physical prerequisites to learn. Neither physical strength, nor artistry or speed are necessary to defend yourself effectively with WingTsun. The WingTsun (WT) system is based on a strictly logical system of principles and concepts that can be learned and implemented by everyone. An example is simultaneity of attack and defense, which is basically in every technique of WT. From a self-defense point of view, this means that due to the simultaneous defense and counterattack, the attack flow of the opponent is interrupted directly and the WT student becomes the attacker, so the role relationship between attacker and defender changes accordingly. This simultaneity also places enormous demands on coordination, whereby here the cooperation between gross motor skills and fine motor skills is strongly pronounced. In the advanced stage, a WT practitioner is able to perform three to four actions with arms and legs at the same time. Learning these techniques requires immense concentration and thus represents ideal additional training for the children in everyday life.

The reactions of a WingTsun student are triggered almost exclusively by the sense of touch on the arms and legs. In terms of self-defense, every tactile (i.e. felt) reaction is about ten times faster than an optical response. In order to train this sense of touch, a special training method was developed, which increases the sensitivity many times over in a relatively short time. This special training also promotes cooperation between the right and left brain. Since a “felt” reaction is processed via the right brain, but the following technique is controlled by the left brain, the ability to coordinate becomes the above mentioned over time. The aspect is therefore intensified.

Children who have been taking part in WingTsun training for a long time receive not only the greatly increased ability to defend themselves, but also increased comprehension and better motor skills. A martial art like WingTsun is a welcome compensation especially in today’s time, when technical innovations like Playstation or Gameboy restrict the children’s urge to move more and more. The above Success is not only based on our own experience, but is largely the experience of parents whose children learn WingTsun from us.

Children’s training every Saturday:

from 11:30 to 12:30